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Noor Al-Huda Academy is dedicated to providing top-quality Islamic education, environment, and activities for children, youth, and the community through interesting teaching programs.


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Welcome to Noor Al-Huda Academy

Our Mission Statement!

                                                                                                                                                                 We deliver on our vision through the following goals and guidelines:

Our goal is to provide Muslim children with a comprehensive understanding of Islamic teachings, including the basics of Quran and Seera. We also aim to facilitate opportunities for children to meet and connect with one another, which in turn strengthens their bond as a Muslim community. Through our teaching, we strive to make children aware of Islam and their future roles in Muslim society. It is important to note that our instruction is non-sectarian and non-controversial, meaning that we do not align with any particular Islamic sect and avoid controversial topics in our teachings.



The purpose is to nourish the new generation of students-our future leaders-to enable them to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners and believers in positive action; so that they can become the moral compass in their own communities as well as global domains.

Students: Our children are the amanah (trust) of Allah swt and it is ultimately their benefit that steers our decision making process.

Teachers: The single most important factor in the success of students is the teachers. We seek out and partner with the best teachers and provide them with resources and training opportunities to excel in their mission.


Parents: No one has more influence on children than their parents. We team up with parents and ensure that our children have overall positive learning environments both at school and at home.


Environment: Rooted in Islamic manners and etiquette, our environment is safe, friendly, creative and respectful for our learners.


Administration: With the intention of pleasing Allah s.w.t. we remain committed to seek out the best for our students, parents, teachers, admin team members and volunteers.

Academic Studies

Level 0-1

Level 2-3

Level 4

Level 5-6


Curriculum Overview

Our education aims to provide the environment for the total and balanced development of every student in every sphere of learning – spiritual, moral, imaginative, intellectual, cultural, aesthetic, emotional, and physical – directing all these aspects towards the attainment of a conscious relationship with Allah, the ultimate purpose of our life


Events held at a mosque (misjid) are significant in the Islamic community. Important events include Friday prayers, Eid prayers, and funeral services. Mosques serve as a gathering place for Muslims to come together in prayer, learn about their faith, and engage in acts of charity and service. The mosque is a central hub for the Muslim community, fostering a sense of unity, faith, and service.

Field Trips

Field trips to mosques (misjids) offer students a unique opportunity to learn about the Islamic faith and culture. They can experience the beauty of Islamic architecture, witness prayer, learn about traditions and beliefs, and dispel stereotypes. Mosque staff and volunteers can provide guided tours and answer questions. It is an excellent way to promote cultural understanding and diversity.

Quran Memorization

At a mosque (masjid), children can memorize Quranic verses with the help of teachers. Successful memorization is celebrated and promotes religious devotion in children. This practice instills a love for the Quran and fosters a deeper understanding of the Islamic faith.

Summer Programs

Summer programs at a mosque (masjid) offer fun and educational activities for children, including Quranic studies, Arabic classes, and recreational activities. Children can learn about Islam, socialize with peers, and create a sense of community. These programs promote cultural and religious education in a safe and positive environment.


Programs at a mosque (masjid) offer continued learning opportunities for the Muslim community, including classes on Islam, Quranic studies, and other topics. These programs promote lifelong learning, foster personal and spiritual growth, and provide a supportive community for adults seeking to deepen their connection to their faith.

Summer Presentations

Summer presentations at a mosque (masjid) cover various topics of interest to the community and offer a chance to learn and engage with others. It fosters community engagement and promotes understanding of important issues.

Our Co-curricular Activities

Class for Learning Arabic

Arabic classes at a mosque (masjid) teach grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation to individuals seeking to connect with the Islamic faith. They offer a valuable skill for personal and professional development while fostering a deeper understanding of the Quran and Islamic traditions. Learning Arabic at the mosque promotes cultural and religious education.

Qur'anic Reading Classes

Quranic reading classes at a mosque (masjid) offer an opportunity for individuals to learn how to read the Quran with proper pronunciation and intonation. These classes are typically taught by experienced Quranic teachers who provide guidance and support. Quranic reading classes at the mosque can help individuals deepen their connection to the Quran and enhance their understanding of Islamic teachings.

Weekly HAadith Lesson

Weekly hadith lessons at a mosque (masjid) offer an opportunity for individuals to learn and discuss hadiths, which are sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. These classes are taught by experienced educators who provide guidance and support. Weekly hadith lessons at the mosque can help individuals deepen their knowledge and understanding of Islamic teachings and promote personal and spiritual growth.

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